Riot Games set to address game-breaking Omen glitch within next week | VALORANT NEWS

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We have seen multiple game breaking glitches in VALORANT’s lifetime since its release, and it is mostly associated with the master of shadows, Omen. Back in September 2020, he had to receive a hotfix to patch his teleportation exploit. Well, another one popped up after reports and clips from players started to surface.

Apparently, if you initiate Omen’s Ultimate ability then quickly throw out your smokes, you are capable of popping up in front of your enemy and killing them while invulnerable to any incoming damage. This means the agent is capable of drawing out his weapons and shooting the opposition while still in shadow form.

VALORANT Agent Game Designer rycoux admitted it is a “bad one” to say the least, and will be on top of the development team’s priorities during the next week. Understandably, this is as game-breaking as it gets, since a player becoming invulnerable even for a short window can allow for match-winning moments.

“Oh that’s a bad one. Well try to find out what’s going on and get to this next week. Super nice find!”

For now, be careful whenever there is an Omen in your lobby as you might see him in front of you in the shadows with a gun in his hand and there is nothing you can do about it.