Riot Games LATAM reveal details on the VALORANT Versus Finals | VALORANT NEWS

The VALORANT tournaments in Latin America went through a different path than the rest of the world. In most places around the world there were numerous tournaments within the Ignition Series, in LATAM there have only been two. But then in July, something new appeared. It was a brand new VALORANT Versus series, dedicated to the LATAM players.

VALORANT Versus has had a tournament format different from most of the Ignition Series invitation only events. It was more similar to the recently announced First Strike, which means, open tournaments for the whole community with a series of qualifiers. The winners of each VALORANT Versus, two per region, got a slot for the Latin American Grand Final.

Latin America, due to its size, is divided in two parts – North and South. The essence of VALORANT Versus was a planned LAN event, where the best teams from both sides of the LATAM region would battle for the championship title. Unfortunately, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic it was impossible to arrange, so the team at Riot Games Latin America decided to move the competition to online without mixing the two regions.

The first team that advanced to the main event from the South was Estral Esports. Who, in spite of being one of the favorites from the region did not have an easy path, they took the final with a 2-1 victory over Furious Gaming, which was the other favorite.The second to qualify was Australs, the Chilean team won against Furious, despite the strong performance from Furious. Angelo “Keznit” Mori, the MVP of the game, was the key element for Austral to win the game.

For the Northern region Infinity was unbeatable. They won over Tek Gaming in the final and crushed their rivals 13-1 on Split and 13-2 on Ascent. To complete this top fou-r we have Lazerklan, who managed to win against Top Hard in a tough final. The first map ended 13-11 in favor of TopHard Esports before Top Hard recovered quickly on Bind obtaining the map victory by 13-5. Lazerklan, however, came back and took Ascent 13-5 assuring their slot in the grand final.


The stage is set, the VALORANT Versus Finals are planned on November 7th for the South, and November 14th, 2020 for the North. The teams from both sides of LATAM will battle for their share of the $30,000 USD prize pool, with $10,000 USD going into the hands of the winners and $5,000 USD to the runners-up in both of the regions.

In the Grand Finals we will see:

  • Valorant Versus Final – S: Estral Esports vs Australs
  • Valorant Versus Final – N: Infinity Esports vs Lazerklan

While the LATAM community is still waiting for the news of their own First Strike competition, it’s still great to see some news about the official tournaments happening in the region. Hopefully, we won’t wait that long until the announcement of the next event being hosted there, once the VALORANT Versus will come to an end.