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When it comes to being a player or an organization in the competitive ecosystem of VALORANT, everyone wants to know how they rank up against all the other contestants, and our latest October 23rd THESPIKE.GG Rankings Update is a prime example of just that. Riot Games released the player leaderboard for North America and Europe respectively, showcasing how the top VALORANT competitors rank against each other.

In North America, we saw Tyson “TenZ” Ngo dominate the leaderboard just like his regular performances in competitive play. Alongside him up there with the best are the likes of Phat “supamen” Le, Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk, and Matthew “Wardell” Yu. As for the European region, the top 10 featured some of the popular names, with a few pleasant surprises as well. Gilad “ALIVE” Hakim took first place, followed by Bayram  “Bramz” Ben Redjeb and GO LoWkii in second and third respectively.

Currently, there isn’t a similar leaderboard present in-game for players to check regularly, and pursue the coveted Rank 1. However, VALORANT Game Director Joe “Ziggs” Ziegler confirmed it is eventually coming to the tactical shooter’s menus, but didn’t provide any estimate on when to expect it.

Prior to the beginning of Act III, Riot Games promised several changes coming to the ranked landscape of VALORANT, including a competitive leaderboard similar to the one we just saw and other tweaks here and there to improve the overall experience. It is promising to always see the studio listening to the community, and acting upon their feedback.

What do you think of the North American and European leaderboards shared by the studio earlier this week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!