Riot Games acknowledge Astral Form freeze bug for Astra | VALORANT NEWS

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We have seen VALORANT agents breaking the game a few times before, with Omen on top of that list. It didn’t take long for Astra to have issues of her own, which seemed inevitable considering she can transcend time and space. VALORANT players are reporting an issue with the newly released agent where she doesn’t come out of her Astral Form and stays uncontrollable for the rest of the game.

Multiple reports went up on Reddit and Twitter, pushing Principal Software Engineer Riot Nu to respond to one of the tweets. He acknowledged the glitch, and reassured everyone the team is already “tracking this issue.” However, Nu didn’t give any timeline on when exactly this will be fixed.

Patch 2.04 didn’t just add Astra to VALORANT, as it brought with it the new Escalation game mode, a bunch of competitive matchmaking changes, and a handful of quality of life enhancements. Understandably, the studio didn’t introduce any agent changes in the latest patch with Challengers running almost everywhere around the world.

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