Riot Adds Popular Beta Skins to Valorant

A while ago, Riot teased a new set of skins coming to Valorant. The set of skins was part of Valorant’s beta. However, the skins didn’t see the light of day following the global launch. The set of skins called the ‘Reaver Bundle’ includes 4 guns and a knife. These guns include the Vandal, Sheriff, Guardian and Operator.

The weapons are of a dark royal purple with gold highlights in it. Moreover, they also have a unique purple crosshair as the aim down sight. However, as predicted before, the bundle might cost a lot of money.

“The summoning begins”- Valorant on Reaver bundle

Valorant’s reveal trailer for the Reaver bundle might just be a teaser for something bigger, especially with Episode 2 of Valorant just around the corner. Fans can expect a few things to be in the works for the next episode.

The entire bundle will cost around 7100 VP with each individual skin costing around 1775 VP. The melee weapon on the other hand will cost around 3550 VP. All of these skins are subject to upgrade and will unlock a special VFX when upgraded using Radiant.

These animations include a reload animation, a finisher effect, and three other effects.

While a lot of fans who can afford the bundle, many others are upset due to the fact that Riot is focusing only on those players who can afford to put money in the game. These allegations follow Riot’s careless approach to stabilizing their game. Instead, they are just injecting cosmetic items in the game in order to earn money.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about whether the bundle will be available for free to those who had bought it during the beta. Therefore, a lot of players might have to pay a hefty amount all over again to own these skins.