Reyna, THE NEW Valorant Agent

Reyna Another NEW Agent is revealed

The 11th and latest agent of Valorant game came into picture, Riot revealed this agent called Reyna who is a Mexican.

The announcement of Rayna makes the players more enthusiastic.

The only 30 second official video of the playing scene posted on Twitter and just got viral over the internet.

Reyna’s playing skill and little of her ability is shown in this short video.

But there is no explanation of Reyna’s power and ability.

Just we can understand that she has some power to heal the players.

Reyna is basically using dead enemies around her to power herself, and has a shared resource bar in both the W and E abilities of her. In the video shown, W looks like a selfheal to herself, the E as a combat stim. Also in the video, after she got had her first kill, she could extend her arms at her enemy and grabbed the enemy in the air, and apparently losing one of the bar from her E abilities

She appears primarily on purple and black colour on the video.

Also, with the agent Reyna Riot disclosed the map which is expected to come with the official launch of the game.

Is seems on the video that Reyna have two ability as of now one is healing and another one is her great efficiency.

But the rule of the game is one have to decide which power to choose at one point of time.

She can throw sone liminary which helps the players to make the enemies reveal their secret position.

Though all these power or abilities is not explained enough as of now, we have to wait for the official release of the game to know more and more

Until that time, we have to grab the patience.

The new map may be come with the game.

The interface design is similar to level of training.

The beta testing period proves that the craze of the game is something like unbeatable, thousands of fans are become crazy to play this game.

Now after the official launch all the secrets will reveal.

For the launching of the game Riot Games and Twitch makes partnership and most important thing is that they announce $200,000 launch tournament.

In the first week of June this tournament will take place, after releasing all over the world.

This is a team-based and first-person shooter game which are going to release in the second week of June.

Official release date of Valorant game is June 2, 2020.

Many players said that the game is not yet ready to launch globally, as it has many technical issues.

But Riot announced that most of the problems will be solve before the launch.

Big names of gaming sector will join the tournament and it will help to promote the game globally.

Riot is surprisingly open to the feedback of the audience and so much aware of the requests and queries.

Vanguard anti-cheat system make the security system higher and these all the things makes the Valorant game so much attractive to the gamers.

Riot said that maybe it will make a change to name to Valorant’s highest-rated tier.

There are seven competitive ranks that Valorant has, including Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and Valorant.

It can’t be imagined before that Valorant game can change the priorities of all the gamers but day by day Riot is changing it with all the great surprises

No doubt Riot will have many changes for Valorant’s model in future according to the requirements.

The first concept skin firstly came very roughly between team and the designers took it and it worthy to build some amazing models for the gamers, to give them

that amazing looking vibes for more success of the game.

The process of modeling the skin and the animation of that is in mirror effect.

The base weapon is very much well designed that we saw with the agent, Reyna.

The shooting process of the weapons are unbeatable and really amazing.

The speed and the quality remain same from the first shoot to the last shoot.

We can see that the developer teams don’t lest any point to complain about design and animation process.

The most important quality of a good quality game is VFX and audio.

These things are also very good about this game, Valorant.

After receiving many requests and complains finally the designer team make the best skin in a right way that will impress the players for sure.

The developing team is really wanting to connect with the community and make sure that they can fulfil all the requirements they players have.

If this kind of communication with the developer and player continues, it is easy to say that fan base will increase day by day.

There are many numbers of players there who are sitting in the fan base of Fortnite game and love to play at console.

Only for Valorant maybe they are not going to switch to PC.

If we are thinking that Valorant wants to be a threat for all the games like Fortnite the first step is going to bring the game Valorant into the console.

Right now, the developing team of Valorant trying to give a top-notch experience on PC for the players.

In a nutshell, Valorant may not be the threat for Fortnite.

The game is now in closed beta, the real game will begin when it comes to the internet into full fledge.

For the gamers this game is going to be really crazy.

For more real experience everybody has to wait until the official release is done.

After that the real experiences, bugs, issues everything will come into day light.

But the craze of this game as of now is really good.

Maybe all are thinking that after official release this craze will go on.

The sound quality, the VFX and everything about this game makes it so amazing that it will grab player’s attention easily.Valorant game is a craze over the gaming world as its releasing date comes near. This game comes with bunch of really interesting features which are really easy to use. Moreover, no restrictions are there about this game, one can easily download it. In beta testing period if the game can draw this much of attention, then after the launch it can do more than one can imagine.

Stay tuned to for more crazy articles about Valorant game.