Reyna is Broken

The newest and the 11th agent newly added agent, Reyna has dropped in with a critical issue, leaving her stuck for remaining rounds.

On June 2, Valorant was launched officially with some new contents and attraction for the players, which are not there in closed beta period. Many things like the map, the cards, Battle pass and more was added. With all these Reyna was the latest and last agent of Valorant launched by Riot.

The only 30 second official video of the playing scene posted on Reddit and just got viral over the internet. Reyna’s playing skill and little of her ability is shown in this short video. But there is no explanation of Reyna’s power and ability. Just we can understand that she has some power to heal the players. She appears primarily on purple and black colour on the video. The base weapon is very much well designed that we saw with the agent, Reyna.

[BUG] Reyna’s “E” ability during Ult got me stuck onto another player from r/VALORANT

17 rounds into a closely contested round on Bins, Reddit user ‘Vangelys’ found two quick kills to kickstart an attack. After a brief stun, players trying to trigger the signature ability of Reyna, to turn invulnerable and relocate. But unfortunately, players did face a problem.

After wore off the stun effect, players trying to reappear inside a friendly Agent. But stuck into a sage with no way to get out from it. All they could then was wait for the game to end. The teammates of them were laid nearby, but they stuck into the sage, safety soon ran out and the remaining final enemy won.

A quick blast from a close range with Judge shotgun and both characters exuded instantly. Possibly, another orb for Reyna to consume might have made her out of glitch, but that would have required a kill to another player.


This is not the first time that a character immersing issue has appeared in Valorant game. Throughout the beta period Riot outreached a patch to fix the problem with Phoenix’s Ultimate. There is no exact time when this problem will resolve. So as of now, try to paddle clear of allies when relocating Reyna’s adamantine form.

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