RED Canids Kalunga bid farewell to their roster | VALORANT NEWS

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After initially entering the VALORANT scene in early October with the signing of VIMDOLOL, RED Canids Kalunga have released their roster after failing to qualify for First Strike.

The release began on Friday with Gustavo  “Sacy” Rossi, who was given his own announcement due to his importance with the organization, having previously represented RED Canids in League of Legends. Shortly after, the rest of the team were released.

Entering the scene with high expectations, things didn’t turn out as well as RED Canids would have wanted, as the roster failed to qualify for First Strike after a loss to Imperial Esports in the final qualifying match.

In a heartfelt TwitLonger, Matheus  “PEPA” Coletto explained some of the team’s situation. According to a rough translation, he lays some of the blame on Sacy for being too bossy, but also accepts some responsibility for misplaced roles, among other things.

All of the former RED Canids players: Sacy, pepa, Wallacy  “prozin” Sales, Julio “pollo” Silva, and André “masu” Carravieri, are now free agents.