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When 2020 began, we only had an inkling of something Riot Games were developing entitled Project A, and by the end, VALORANT had a full-fledged competitive scene with prize pools reaching $100,000 USD. Dominant teams had emerged all over the globe, and while international clashes were obviously unable to happen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teams did their best and we were able to get somewhat regular matches between Asia-Pacific teams, as well as between Brazil and LATAM South teams. First Strike produced big winners across the globe and hype only keeps building for LANs and more growth through the VALORANT Champions Tour next year. 2020 was VALORANT’s big year, so let’s take a look at the statistics telling the story of competition thus far.

Map Stats

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Despite not being out at the game’s release, it is Ascent that takes the mantle as the most-played map in 2020, followed quite closely by Bind and Haven. Split is far and away the most unpopular of the three release maps, and the newcomer Icebox has been mostly shied away from with only 90 plays in total.

Weapon Stats

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In the battle between Phantom and Vandal, it is the latter that takes the crown over the course of 2020. Players picked up the Vandal to begin their rounds 581868 times since gun data began being trackable in early August. The two ARs are followed by early round weapons in the Classic, Ghost, and Spectre. It is ultimately the Marshal that falls in last place, with only 5231 tracked uses.

We’ll next take a look at the players with the best statistics in North America, Europe, LATAM & Brazil, Asia-Pacific, and Oceania. To be eligible for the North American and European charts, players must have played at least 1000 tracked non-showmatch rounds, and to qualify for the remaining regions at least 400 tracked rounds are required. As mentioned, all showmatch events have been excluded, thus, the data here may differ from what is shown on a player’s page. In the event of ties, the player with more rounds played has been placed ahead.

North America

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Many people would call Tyson “TenZ” Ngo the best player in North America, and he shows why by taking the top spot in two of the three categories and second in the other. His 290 ACS tops the region by a great amount, a massive 34 over second-place Damion “XXiF” Cook. Speaking of XXiF, his teams haven’t been incredibly successful this year, but he put up big stats and finds a place on every chart. The final player to accomplish that is Andbox’s duelist Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor, who made the swap to VALORANT mid-year and, some unfortunate circumstances excluded, has been very successful. TSM’s Jett Matthew “Wardell” Yu takes the top spot on the Kill/Death Ratio chart, and finally, the ADR list features Howard “Tetchra” Lebright, a player you might not expect to see this high on a chart but who has been key to Prospects’ revival.



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