Raze is nerfed to increase ‘Counterplay’ in Valorant

In the Valorant community, the kit of Raze is not yet been well accepted by the players. Though Riot knows the detonating power of the abilities she has and wants to introduce more ‘Counterplay’ in Patch 1.04 of Valorant.

In FPS games like Valorant shooting is the key point. But these were the not used words of the CEO of Riot when Valorant then Project A, announced in October 2019. Raze is the sprout of significant ability.

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Through detonation, the kits of her rotate around the zone control entirely. Every part of the kit that Raze has is meant for damage, from grenades to satchels, her ultimate ability, and the little robot.

Image courtesy: Versus eSports

Raze is nerfed

Riot was thinking about the modification of Raze eventually, and in Valorant Patch 1.04 they finally want to do this. They said that in Raze there is a ‘little bit of unhealthy’ area, but Riot can easily make this in control. To fix the ‘legitimate’ she just needs some number adjustment with the satchel and the ultimate ability.

Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott, lead of Valorant character design said that Raze needs some little bit of changes. There are some issues with the rocket and some odd play pattern with the satchel, these things need to be addressed.

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The fun part of Raze’s kit will be intact. The unique ability with satchels will not be changed by Riot. They want to make her impact. They are working to make things under control. Morello stated that the movement of Raze is good, anyone can control it. But the rocket needs some more counterplay. He didn’t mention anything very precisely. But the actual thing is the Agent Raze is going to be nerfed.

In Valorant Patch 1.04 these changes will be rolled, which will be released on July 24. Not only Raze is going to modified, but also sage and Viper are also going to be modified by Riot Games with a new Patch update.