Radianite Points in Valorant

In Valorant game, Valorant points are not the only in-game currency which the game has. Also, Radianite points are there. We will break down the weapon upgrades, cost, and everything about Radianite Point.

In Riot Games‘ FPS title Valorant point is the main currency. With this, you can unlock many skin weapons, gears, tiers on Agent Contracts, and also the Premium Battle Passes.

If you have some Radianite points in your bucket and don’t know how to use them, well give you a quick guide for the usage of Radianite Points in Valorant.

What are Radianite Points?

Radianite Points are a substitute of Valorant point. You can also use Radianite points for the usage in Future Earth. But if Valorant point is the main currency then what is the purpose of RPs?

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Radianite Points are used to sprout some skin weapons and other content types. But you can’t use them to buy agents nor to buy the skins. Then what is the usage of Radianite points in Valorant?

You can upgrade your weapons using Radianite Points. This upgrade doesn’t make the weapons stronger than the past but will assemble some extra discretion to certain weapons that you purchased.

To evolve skin weapons, from weapon animations to skin variations Radianite Points are the only path. How you can earn RPs?

How do you get RPs?

You can find the Radianite Points by buying than with Valorant Points or unlocking then throw the battle pass. The cost of Radianite Points with VPs is:

  • 20 Radianite Points = 1,600 Valorant Points (~$15 USD).
  • 40 Radianite Points = 2,800 Valorant Points (~$25 USD).
  • 80 Radianite Points = 4,800 Valorant Points (~$45 USD).

With the Ignition: Act 1 Battle Pass these points were launched. One can get up to 30 Radianite Points for free, if anyone buys the Premium Pass worth $10 (1,000 VP) you can get an extra 100 RPs.

A Premium Battle Pass will give you 130 Rps or $75 worth and also an abundance of in-game cosmetics like skin weapons and many more.

How to update Valorant Points using Radianite points?

After getting some RPS you can upgrade specific weapons. For example, if Prime Collection skins are evaluated then the set for Guardian, Vandal, Classic, Spectre, Knife skins will give you 7,100 Valorant Point.

The process of up-gradation of Valorant skins using Radianite Points is pretty simple. They are as follows:

  1. Firstly, you have to go to the Collection and should select the skin weapon to upgrade.
  2. The skin should be selected.
  3. On the right-hand side in a table, the available upgrades will show.
  4. Then using RPs, you have to purchase the specific upgrade.
  5. Play the game with all your upgraded cosmetics.

This cost of the upgrades is 10 to 15 RPs, which is equal to $5-$10 for every tier.

Image Courtesy – Dexerto

These upgrades include anything like changing the skin colors, giving the players a new reload, finisher animation, and firing. They are the remarkable skins in Valorant and one can turn the enemies with them.

If you want to spend the Radianite points on skin weapons you can use it. It might be worthy to get finisher animation on Vandal over Guardian.

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