Possible Features of Valorant in Patch 1.02

  • Five new features set to be added in Valorant with the 1.02 patch update.
  • Surrender feature and ranked mode is the confirmed changes with the update.

Hopefully, after a few days, the new Valorant Patch 1.02 will be there for the players with the latest addition of features. By the next week, the latest version of the FPS game will be there.

Previous Patch 1.01 of Valorant was not a big one in term of updates and addition of features, though it came with some extra features which improve the gaming experience of players. Although, Riot has many plans about all the updated patches in the future, which is exciting news for most of the Valorant fan base.

From the last weeks, there have been many discussions about the coming updates that riot will like to add. Though, all the news is not officially confirmed yet, though these features might still be making an entry in Valorant patch 1.02.

So, here are the possible changes according to us, that will take the game to the next level.

Introduction of Ranked mode

In FPS games ranked mode is a must, though in Valorant this is a miss. All the Valorant fans were quite unsatisfied with the official release of Valorant without ranked mode. However, there is a strong reason for this according to Riot.

Image Courtesy – TalkEsports

In the closed beta period when there is a competitive mode, this system received a lot of criticism from pro players and streamers. Hence, maybe the developers are trying to reshape the whole ranked mode system which is a good sign.

Riot wanted to make Valorant as stable as possible, so from a few days, they are trying to make more and more changed for the players to make the game interesting.

After the three weeks of official release, Joe Ziegler twitted that the competitive mode will be coming officially from the next coming week.

Possible Viper Buffs

Compared to other FPS games like CS:GO, in Valorant there is a lack of utility. Stuns, Smokes, Flashes, and vision denying abilities are very low supply for the game, only Viper is an agent who has access to all the powers among other agents.

Image Courtesy – DeviantArt

Though, now she is a C-tier agent and also the hardest master in the game. Without perfect team coordination one can’t pull her off so, she faces lowest pick rates among all the agents.

In Patch 1.02 a good buff may come with Viper, along with a nerf for both Sage and Cypher.

New Surrender Feature

In all Riot Games IPs there is a surrender feature be it, League of Legends or TFT or Legends of Runeterra, players able to drop out the game if all the things went wrong horribly.

But since the official release of Valorant this is not the case in this game. If all the 4 members of a team quit on you, then also you have to duke it out till the opponents reached till 13 round wins.

Image Courtesy – Ask Valorant

Anna ‘SuperCakes’ Donlon recently confirmed that the surrendered feature will be coming in Valorant soon in the next week confirmed by the game’s developers in the Ask Valorant blog.

Vanguard tweaks and optimisation

Still, Vanguard is an issue in a lot of systems. It also crashing many models and give the blue screen error is a player minimizes the game often.

From the first day of the release of Valorant anti-cheat system this an issue of controversies. So, hopefully with the next patch update, this issue will fix.

Fixing Sovereign Skin bugs

Image Courtesy – DotEsports

From the day when the Sovereign Skin line came into the picture, the players who had bought a lot of guns face many problems and this makes the game more difficult.

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