Player RATE of VALORANT During Beta

Player Rate Of Valorant

Valorant as of now is in its closed beta phase, but Riot was giving the keys for players. The player rate of Valorant was around 3 million players who took the advantage of closed beta phase. The beta is the reason for this big number 1.7 million people are watching the streaming of Valorant play together in a day. after the successful beta testing period finally, this most hyped game-breaking all records of Twitter are ready to release on the market officially on June 2. Already this game makes gamers crazy. Shooting games like CS GO both of them are full of craze and gamer’s top choice for playing one man shoot. But when the news of this game comes into pictures this game attracts all the gamers and just left the popular games they used to play, only for Valorant game. Valorant is free and online multiplayer game current is not available because of the beta stage segment. The full and latest game is coming into the picture soon. This game is absolutely safe to install, as it has an anti-cheat of the kernel. The craze for this game is really on point. Already this game started to break the internet. After the successful beta testing which put an end on 28th May, finally in June 2 is there, just a couple of days wait and next Tuesday the Valorant game comes with a bang. Since from the report, we can guess that there will be a big launching update and it may break the internet. Because this game attracts gamers to left the renounced games that we have from the last couple of years, it’s really easy to understand that it can just rule over the gaming market, and it’s really a threat to other games. Before releasing now only Valorant game is everywhere. The best part of the game is this game will be available for all, no restrictions of religion will be there, it’s free. You can just download and you are ready to play and enjoy the extravaganza of this game. The points that Riot includes in closed beta phase for players are:

Valorant point:

The developer team of Valorant game wanted to give the players a reward for skin buying during the beta process. The points and reward process of this game is nicely explained by Riot Games before the closed beta period. The rule is when a player is at full launch, they will provide you all the Valorant points you have and not only this but with an additional bonus of 20% for playing the game and for the engagement of this process during closed beta. And also, if you have some reward or any contracts in this beta period, you can’t get it after the launch, means you will lose these purchases, rewards, and collection that one player has. There are seven competitive ranks that Valorant has, including Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant.

Agent Contracts:

In this closed beta, the game is providing players many player cards, weapon buddy, gun skin, and many more features that you have to gain by playing. But the important thing is once the official release of this game done means after June 2 all your success and process will go back and set to zero. The before and after the phase of Valorant game are two different phases. The reason behind it is right out the game is in the testing period, naturally many technical faults, many issues will come up that the developer team has to overcome and try to make a fresh look of the game, So it’s far way better to begin from the starting point and make your success with all the new and updated features that the gave will have.

Beta rewards:

In this closed beta period if someone makes success and gains player cards, two titles, weapon buddies then these things are for you for a lifetime. The progress you made during this closed beta period will not be erased after the launch and a closed beta contract is given to you. In addition, Valorant team wants to recognize these players and wanted to give then five titles and also the exclusive player card who are present at the time of tweet streaming and watched it.

For gamers this game is going to be really crazy. For more real experience everybody has to wait until the official release is done. After that, the real experiences, bugs, issues everything will come into daylight. But the craze of this game as of now is really good. Maybe all are thinking that after official release this craze will go on.

For the launching of the game Riot Games and Twitch makes partnership and most important thing is that they announce a $200,000 launch tournament. In the first week of June, this tournament will take place, after releasing all over the world. This is a team-based and first-person shooter game which is going to release in the second week of June. This is a multiplayer game. This game makes the gaming world crazy. The official release date of the Valorant game is June 2, 2020. No doubt Riot will have many changes for Valorant’s model in the future according to the requirements. The developing team is really wanting to connect with the community and make sure that they can fulfill all the requirements they players have. If this kind of communication with the developer and player continues, it is easy to say that the fan base will increase day by day.


While Counter Strike Being the closes competition of Valorant, it’s nothing less than an old game compared to Valorant. The final preparation of the game Valorant did by resetting accounts, preparing new models, agents – Reyna, Map and now it is ready to launch tomorrow with a bang.