Phantom or Vandal Best Rifle in Valorant

There is a blustering debate between the players of Valorant about the best Rifle, the Phantom, or the Vandal, the cost of both the rifles are the same 2,900 creds and also serve the same purpose, but some distinct differences are there that makes one better than the other.

Every Valorant player will buy these two rifles The Phantom and the Vandal at the end of the game. The cost of both of them is 2,900 Creds and almost every team picks these rifles in every buy round.

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There is a debate about which one is better and still it’s undecided. Vandal lovers will say about the one-shot potential of the gun at all ranges, where the Phantom lovers will say about the high fire rate of the gun. So, let’s break it down to help you.

Weapon stats of Vandal and Phantom

If you break down the stats of both the weapon you can see that these two are very similar. Although, two major difference is there that makes them distinct from each other.

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The first key difference is the fire rate. The firing rate of Phantom is 11 rounds per second, while the firing rate of Vandal is 9.25 rounds per second, which is less than Phantom. That means if you fire bullets using Vandal, you can get an extra shot if you use Phantom.

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The second key difference is the one-shot capabilities. Despite the distance, Vandal can kill an enemy with a single headshot, In the case of the Phantom, in close distance or in less than 15m you can do the same. This means that Vandal is better than Phantom for long-range fights.

Cost2,900 Creds2,900 Creds
Fire Rate11 rounds/sec
9.9 rounds/sec while zoomed  
9.25 rounds/sec
8.32 rounds/sec while zoomed
Magazine Capacity3025
Damage39 body, 156 head, 33 leg at 0-15m
35 body, 140 head, 30 leg at 15-30m
31 body, 124 head, 26 leg at 30m+  
39 body, 156 head, 33 leg 0-30m+
Wall PenetrationMedium  Medium

Spray pattern


Beside a silenced variant to the riffle on offer, Phantom also has a spray pattern that is more predicable considerably than Vandal. It is easier, but it has a kickback which requires a recoil control. If you combine this with the increased fire rate and you can spray down enemies with relative pleasure.


In terms of lethality in all ranges, Vandal can lose with the uncertain spray pattern. Initially, after some bullets, the Vandal’s bullets stretch springs up in an aggressive manner, which makes it more difficult to control. This Rifle is not made for ‘spray and pray’.

What is the verdict?

The decision of whether you want to use Phantom or Vandal is depended upon some factors. Which are with which rifle you are more comfortable? and what is your position and what is the goal of your in-game?

If you are in a short-range or short angle fight you can use Phantom over Vandal. It has a faster fire rate and does the same damage in close range. The spray of Phantom is easy to understand and you just need to pull down the mouse.

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If you are in a long-range or long angle fight you can use Vandal over Phantom. If you are following the pro players you can see that most of them are now using Phantom over Vandal, because higher fire rate is more significant then the one-shot capability.

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