Perfect mouse sensitivity in Valorant

In FPS games like Valorant movement and abilities of Agent is playing a great role, and also aiming is so important. Here are some points you need to know to find the sweet spot of your mouse in the near future.

In a First-Person shooter game for perfect aiming, there are lots of variables. While you want to know the perfect crosshair and the right scope, these are not important if you don’t understand the fundamentals. The core point to improve your aim is to find the sweet spot of the mouse.

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Though it’s a good one to watch how the pro players are working if you don’t tailor your own suit then you can not understand them. Fortunately, some major methods are there which are tries and tested to help you, a popular YouTube channel ‘SkillCapped’ break down these things to understand easily.

how to set mouse sensitivity in valorant
Image Courtesy – EarlyGame

Best mouse sensitivity for Valorant

Firstly, you should understand one thing very clearly that mouse sensitivity in Valorant is dependent upon two points: one is the settings of in-game sensitivity and another one is DPI which stands for ‘dots per inch’ settings of the mouse. These two things will take effect on the crosshair speed movement and which ultimately affects the aim.

From many FPS titles there is an overflow of conversions equations, but each of these void the movement mechanics of Valorant. In Valorant where movement is in the back seat, high sensitivity of the mouse is not required for this game. Everyone should prioritize a more feasible crosshair movement.

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So, you should select the DPI between 400-800. After DPI selection, you can make experiments with effective DPI. For the calculation of eDPI, you should pick the DPI and multiply it with the in-game sense.  Example: 400 DPI x 0.50 Valorant sensitivity = 200 eDPI.

If no magic number is available, we recommend you to select between 200 – 400 eDPI initially. A simple 180-degree test is a better one. For this, you can take the mouse in the left-most corner and horizontally drag it to the right-most corner. The Agent will complete 180-degree turn from one side to another side.

For experimenting with the DPI or in-game sensitivity, you need to increase or decrease the variable mentioned above, to make yourself capable of a fight on your own. eDPI range is recommended here, but it is all about the preferences. Example: eDPI of 100 Thieves’ Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin is 576, Braxton ‘Brax’ Pierce from T1 is 141.6.