Patch Notes 2.04: Astra released and more ranked changes | VALORANT NEWS

The latest VALORANT patch notes, 2.04, have been released. It’s the start of Act II, and brings even more fine-tuning to the ranked system as well as the release of the new agent, Astra.

Don’t let the lighter notes fool you, this is the start of Episode 2: Act II, that drops our newest Agent, a fresh Battlepass, and the Prime//2.0 weapon skin line.

As our friend Max Grossman will tell you, this patch cycle is also to allow time for us to evaluate our recent changes while still getting the game in a good state for VALORANT Challengers moving forward.

Competitive matchmaking gets some fairly comprehensive adjustments to not only let you queue with more friends at different levels in the lower ranks, but make sure the highest levels are for the ones who can continue to prove they are VALORANT’s best.

Tactical VO is an addition that should help, not replace, in-game communication, and we shove a wrench in the works to jam the Bind TP doors for Escalation.

Agent Updates

Astra goes live!

Modes Updates


  • Bind Teleporter exit doors are now permanently jammed open—if you want to camp it, get ready to fight for it!
    • There was a frustrating strategy going around where a team would gain mid TP control and then…never leave. The opposite team couldn’t reliably contest it without doing a highly coordinated “5-person YOLO TP,” or by getting lucky and advancing to nade level and blasting away. We like the focus in this area (you’ll always find a fight here!), but it can feel unfair if you’re not the team inside the TP. With this change, we’re looking to give you an avenue to contest the teleporter by preventing others from being able to stall a game.
  • Bind’s pickrate is again evenly weighted
    • During Patch 2.03 we reduced Bind’s pick rate for Escalation. We’re returning it to normal levels, but if Bind continues to be frustrating to play, we’ll look into changing its pickrate again and go back to the drawing board.

Competitive Updates

This patch marks the start of Competitive Episode 2: Act 2!

Placements have changed for the start of an Act. Now, if you have already placed this Episode, then:

  • Your rank will no longer be lowered at the start of an Act
    • If you were Radiant or Immortal rank you will keep your position on the leaderboard, but your Rank Rating(RR) will be reduced by 90% and all Radiant players will be bumped down to Immortal, because you will need to again prove that you are the best of the best in the new Act.
    • Achieving Radiant now requires both being in the top 500 players in your region, as well as having a minimum amount of RR (See below for details).
    • You must finish your placement game to display on the Leaderboard again for the new Act
  • You’re only required to play 1 placement match to display your rank
    • Your RR (and potentially rank) may change based on how you perform in your placement game, but the maximum change will be based solely off of that game.
  • Players who have not previously placed in Competitive this Episode will still need to play 5 placement games to earn their initial rank.

Radiant will be more challenging to earn. You must achieve a certain level of RR before being able to ascend to Radiant. This is adjusted per region based on rank population size and RR distribution.