Paradox Gaming sign Australian VALORANT Chostars roster | VALORANT NEWS

Paradox Gaming have decided to dive into the world of VALORANT with the signature of Chostars. The Australian roster is currently competing in the LPL 2020 Spring Cup – Challenger, prior to finishing 9th-14th and 9th-16th in the Rise of Valour – Play-in and Rise of Valour – Last Chance Qualifier respectively. The squad has already lost to Avant, and were pushed to the lower bracket to play against cracked.

The squad consists of Carlos “exempt” Pupo, Tanner “Nadroj” Fox, Stephen “xh1bit” Derham, Winter “winter” Thomas, and Daniel “Maz” Mazurkiewicz. Xh1bit was a former Rainbow Six Siege professional player, who played under Outlaws, CryptiK and Equinox. He competed with the latter during the Oceanic Cup 2019 against the likes of FNATIC, finishing fifth in the tournament.

“Having a real life mate who previously played with Paradox, and who now plays for ORDER in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Matthew “Valiance” Hartrick”, helped us a lot. He has told me about how such an amazing and supportive organization they were in the past. Offer went out for us to join, we accepted contracts sent out and we signed in under 2 days,” Daniel “maz” Mazurkiewicz exclusively shared with THESPIKE.GG.

As for winter, he was a former professional Overwatch player, who played for Avant Gaming, Melbourne Mavericks, and the Sydney Drop Bears. He picked up 3rd-4th in the Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 2: Australia, 3rd in the MB Community Koala Trials, 2nd in the Contenders 2020 AU Season 1 Week 2 and Week 3. The experience of these two players will definitely be valuable as they come into VALORANT with their teammates.

“Searching for an organization consisted of many meetings with the representatives and owners of the organization. As soon as the team got contacted by the Director of Paradox Gaming, Chris Hillman and I had a meeting with him, and that night we knew it was the perfect home for us,” continued maz.

The current Paradox Gaming roster consists of:

Tanner “Nadroj” Fox
Carlos “exempt” Pupo
Winter “winter” Thomas
Stephen ” Xh1bit” Derham
Daniel “maz” Mazurkiewicz