Operator Meta is Overpowered In Valorant?

In the world of CS: GO and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, an indispensable asset is considered in their team. Though it has some cons with the person who is handling the gun, the owner is punished if he can’t value out of it only because of the high price. From the last few weeks, Valorant players are complaining that the meta of the game is merely influenced by the Operator and Riot already took note of this objection.

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Operator Meta Running Competitive Games like Valorant

Spencer “Hiko” Martin the team captain of 100 Thieves said that on defensive rounds team countering is very much difficulty with the Operators, during the T1 x NSG Showdown. Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom resonated that this inspires from one of the best CS: GO player from his time, will continue to provoke the competitive environments if it insists.

Operators become very deadly is it goes on the hand of the right person so the Operator becomes very powerful. This will go back to the map design and lack of movement will punish. Valorant teams can take more than one operator if they can afford it. In many places of Valorant, the players who have the Operators have many advantages.

If you have the Operators you have the advantage to exit from their eyesight if you miss the angle.

Ryan “Morello” Scot, Lead Character Designer of Valorant said that Valorant is so young so Riot is monitoring the situation.