Omen’s teleport working incorrectly due to large hitbox after latest VALORANT patch


Omen has once again found himself knee-deep in bugs.

Team Heretics’ Auni “AvovA” Chahade brought a VALORANT glitch to light today that prevents Omen from correctly using Shrouded Step if you’re too close to a wall. Riot devs responded to the pro, saying they’ll “take a look today.”

tested out the bug, confirming the issue with the mysterious agent. It appears that Shrouded Step’s hitbox is too large, causing the teleport to hit against a wall if you’re standing too close. Despite having your crosshair pointing out in the open, the wall stops it in its tracks.

image 17

Omen is easily the game’s most popular controller, with his teleports being a great way to reposition and catch enemies off guard. But this game-breaking issue may cause Riot to disable the agent until this is worked out.

This isn’t the only Omen bug circulating, however. One player discovered that they were able to see through walls when trying to smoke across the map. Typically, you can only see a darkened environment when using the ability. But this player was able to see opponents.

The mysterious agent recently got nerfed in Patch 2.0. His Paranoia jumped to 400 credits and his Dark Cover’s projectile speed dropped to 2,800. Pair that with the Brimstone buffs and Omen may be dethroned as the staple smoker.