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Once again VALORANT players are reporting a new issue that occurred to Omen as a result of the latest patch, as usual with the shadow agent. What seems to have happened is that the teleportation hitbox changed since the update deployed the intended tweaks, causing players to teleport in front of boxes, enemies, and walls. Understandably, this lost a few rounds for Omen players as they teleported to places they couldn’t predict, unlike before patch 2.0.

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In a Reddit thread, VALORANT’s Insights Researcher Coleman “Altombre” Palm responded to the concerned Omen players afraid this will be the normal and they will have to get used to the current random nature of his teleports and wider hitbox. He confirmed the changes were “not intended” within the agent’s nerfs, with a fix presumably coming in the next patch.

“This teleport change was not intended in our set of Omen nerfs, likely a result of a bug or something else that shipped in the patch. We’re talking about it!”

Those recent Omen changes were the result of the development team seeing his entire kit as “not very economically demanding.” The agent has seen his fair share of game-breaking glitches, even to the extent that players could become invulnerable and kill others while using his ultimate ability.

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