In April after launching as a beta, Valorant went through many up-and-downs for almost two months of the closed beta period. Finally, after the beta period on June 2, the First-person shooter game of Riot Games, officially came live in many regions globally. The first episode IGNITION: Act-1, brought many adjustments and many changes and the addition of many things.

The new map Ascent was added which if totally based on Italy, and also a new and the last agent of the game, Reyna. A new game mode came with an updated patch, in this mode many quality and abilities if the agents were added and also the existing bugs were fixed with the update. But like other game when a bug is fixed, another one appears and comes into the game picture.

A player has now found a bug related to Omen’s Dark Cover ability, it also may lead to potential achievements, it is also a game breaking bug.

Omen’s new Dark Cover ability allows you to see through walls if you spam R from r/VALORANT

This bug allows Omen to watch enemies through the walls. In Patch 1.0 developers make many balancing changes into his abilities. Among all the pinch, the dark cover ability stands out the most into the game. Using this ability now this agent can enter a “phaser” version of the map. It allows the agent to see through the wall. It also can place smokes. Moreover, pressing “reload” make him enable to ogle between the phased mode and view mode. Players can place the smoke accurately, it has also a reason for a bug leading to potential achievements. SmogenToboggan, a player, posted a video clip about it on the Valorant subreddit.

In the video we can see that, after pressing reload we can’t see through the walls but also points out the location of the enemy suddenly. Also, if you press reload repeatedly it gives you an accurate idea of the position of the opponent players. This is very unfair; it may spoil the competition and the gameplay of the enemies.

It is recommended to not use the bugs for achievements, it would lead to an account ban. Riot will fix this bug quickly as expected.

In Patch 1.0 the Improvements made to Omen’s abilities are:

Dark Cover – How the agent can enter into “phaser” mode of the map which helps him to see everything through the wall and place smokes accurately. Now Omen can increase the smoke rate and distance with Primary Fire, also can decrease it will Secondary Fire and throw smoke with Ability Key.

Paranoia – At close range, hit detection is improved.

Shrouded Step – Teleport location on the map can be seen by Omen and also receives an indication for his target when his vision of the point is prevented.

From the Shadow – By pressing the Ability key Omen now can cancel the teleport of his while in the shadow.

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