Oderus released from Dignitas | VALORANT NEWS

Dignitas have announced the release of their Jett/Operator player Chad  “oderus” Miller.

Oderus joined Dignitas along with Bryan  “mAKKALOFF” Drouillard in October following a successful few months with Morning Light, but things haven’t quite worked out as well as Dignitas would have hoped. Dignitas have been solid since the signings – qualifying for both First Strike Closed Qualifiers and taking second in the Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas – but solid seems to not quite cut it for a tier 1 team like DIG. Especially recently, lackluster performances in the NSG x Complexity Invitational and the Nerd Street Gamers – Winter Championship have left much to be desired. For a duelist player, Oderus’ stats are also rather low, with just 206 ACS and 128.2 ADR being put up over his career.

With recent announcements, Dignitas are somewhat spoiled for choice when it comes to a replacement Jett/OP. Former Moon Raccoons player Zander “FIEND” Bates is newly free, and the emergence of players like Ian “tex” Botsch suggests there’s plenty of talent big North American teams haven’t explored yet. Christian “Hazard” Fonseca has been pointed out as having an outside shot at a bigger team, and, if Dignitas are willing to buy off another team, a player like Damion “XXiF” Cook, one of the statistical best in North America, is an option.

With Challengers beginning just a few days into February, Dignitas don’t have a great amount of time to find their replacement. Oderus is now a free agent.

Dignitas are now:

Rory “dephh” Jackson
Harrison “psalm” Chang
Phat “supamen” Le
Bryan “mAKKALOFF” Drouillard