NRG co-CEO believes it is “too early” to invest in VALORANT | VALORANT NEWS

NRG Esports is one of the top organizations in the world of competitive esports right now, boasting teams in Call of Duty, Rocket League, and Overwatch, among other games. Under their roster, they have one sole individual playing VALORANT as a content creator, Brandon “aceu” Winn. Both Co-CEOs, Hector Rodriguez and Andy Miller, have shared their thoughts before on the NRG Duo Podcast, but the latest AMA with Miller gave us an update on the situation and whether we will see them in VALORANT before Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Miller’s view hasn’t changed since a month ago, sticking to his opinion that it is still “too early” to invest into VALORANT. He admitted the title has potential to grow as a strong international esports title, with Riot Games doing it right. However, he described the current state of the title’s competitive ecosystem as being in its “first inning of the game,” which doesn’t offer enough stability to tempt a huge commitment out of NRG Esports.

In another question, a fan of the organization was curious about their priorities, whether it is to get back to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or dive into VALORANT. NRG Esports used to have a CS:GO roster, which lasted a few years and was considerably strong during 2019.

Their roster managed to win the Intel Extreme Masters XIII Shanghai, Americas Minor Championship Berlin 2019, Americas Minor Championship Katowice 2019, and even finished 3rd-4th in the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals. In the end, their roster was acquired by Evil Geniuses.


Although the owners have much more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knowledge, making it easier to get back into the scene, Andy Miller revealed it is more likely to see a VALORANT roster before another CS:GO squad. He attributed it back to what the game’s competitive landscape is going through, and what the future looks like between both of them.

What do you think of NRG Esports’ strategy when it comes to VALORANT esports? Do you think it is safe to assume that as time goes on the scene will just grow stronger? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!