nolpenki, Prodigy, Purple Cobras, and Team Heretics round out European First Strike participants | VALORANT NEWS

This past weekend was a big one for VALORANT in many parts of the globe, with multiple regions qualifying teams for First Strike. Europe was among them, and the region’s play-offs added four final teams to the event. Those teams are:

Purple Cobras
Team Heretics

They’ll join these teams in the main First Strike event:

G2 Esports
Team Liquid
FunPlus Phoenix

Things got hairy for the favoured nolpenki

Things started out very quickly for Prodigy

At first, it looked like Split all over again. LoWkii and APO were again on point, and L’Institut came into the half with a 9-3 lead heading to the defensive side.

But Prodigy pulled it back. Round after round, they outplayed and outthought the French side, and pulled off the incredible comeback. Prodigy didn’t lose a single attacking round as they won 13-9 to advance to the First Strike Regional Finals.

While Purple Cobras

Each side won their map pick – Purple Cobras Bind and Need More DM Ascent – before a third map of Haven. A map Purple Cobras hadn’t played once in their First Strike qualification route, they pulled off skillful macro plays and used their ultimates to great affect. Renátó “bzt” Bárányos did his best to keep Need More DM in it, but ultimately the more skillful and prepared team won the day. Purple Cobras are a very interesting team to keep an eye on at First Strike, and will be capable of more than a few surprises.

The final match for European First Strike qualification featured Team Heretics

With these matches finished, every competitor in the First Strike Europe Regional Final is set. The matches will take place from December 3rd-6th, 2020, for a 85,000€ prize pool. Catch them on, and follow along with all the action on THESPIKE.GG!