No Skin Trading in Valorant

Like many other games In Valorant there will not be a skin trading feature confirmed by Riot Games, though an element is always in many similar games like CS: GO.

Valorant officially came live on June 2, 2020. From the very first day of its official release, all the players have complained about the price of weapon skins, with some bunch of costing towards $70 to unlock. Also, CS:GO weapon skins also costs a pretty amount of penny, but in those games like CS:GO there is a skin trading function, so the market demand helps to tag the price of each item available.

Joe Lee, who is the Revenue Lead of Valorant confirmed to Forbes that there will not any skin trading facility and also it won’t be added into the game in future.

valorant prism skins
Picture Courtesy – Riot Games

Lee added that Valorant is not a game for skin trading. In other games, the only way to acquire content is through the loot boxes in terms of economies. Though the loot box and Drop rates supply can be added by the developer teams but it will make a huge impact on the supply and demand of the product.

The main things are Valorant only concentrated on direct purchase store model and if anyone wants to buy anything they have to buy is as a known quantity, no consideration for after-market speculation and also no randomness.

knife valorant tactical
Picture Courtesy – Riot Games

Valorant skins are a meaningful representation of the players. If there will be a secondary market it will bring some complexity for the in-game skin means.

If anyone wants to take Valorant weapon skins, players have to buy it using Valorant points or using Battle pass they have to unlock it. Though, both will require real money.

On social media like Reddit, many players have complained about the price of skin weapons. If you want to log in and play the game, it will show you there are plenty of players who have dropped their money without any single objection.

valorant skins
Picture Courtesy – Riot Games

The team announced that they are always trying to look forward to the suggestions of the players and how they can come with some right value at the right price, so the players can enjoy the game. Complaining about the latest $70 Valorant skin bundles on Reddit might be laxative. Riot might not have a plan to change it, to the way players are able to acquire the skins anytime soon.