New Valorant ban system coming soon

A new system will be added in Valorant that will give the cheaters a notice about their ban from the game, and Riot expects to come with this update soon.

In many Riot games like Valorant, League of Legends, and more, cheaters have been a constant major problem that will hamper the gameplay. The studio has been taking a direct way that will catch the cheaters and then and there will punish then by banning from the game.

Vanguard’s new update coming to Valorant

The anti-guard system of Valorant, Vanguard receives many criticisms for the kernel-level drivers of this, but the developer team wants to stick with it to ensure high-security protection in their FPS game, Valorant.

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From then, Riot has been able to kick out thousands of cheaters from Valorant, but now they are trying to give cheaters a prior notice that they will be banned from the game for any particular reason.

new valorant vanguard ban system coming soon
Image Courtesy – Riot Games

Joe Ziegler the director of Valorant Game said that they want to put a new system that will inform the cheaters about the ban and also the reason for banning. Along with this, Ziegler posted a picture as a first look of the notification that will pop up on your screen.

The pop-up notification will prompt you directly to ‘learn more about third-party software’ that is now allowed by Vanguard because of this they were banned in the first place.

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On July 2, another ban wave was announced by Riot which left 3707 accounts combated from logging onto Valorant, according to Philip Koskinas, Principal Anti-Cheat engineer.

It is now clear that if all of then will receive the same message or next punishment will now nail on the displayed message for the cheaters, which let them know the reason why they were getting banned. Riot Games wants to stick with soul ban as they think that this will improve their tactical shooter game more.