New Valorant Agents COMING Soon

Riot has explained what the abilities for future Agents in Valorant could look like, as they are working on enlarging their different roster of characters.

New Valorant Agents?

Valorant is a high integrity, competitive FPS game. But one of the main abilities that set the futuristic shooter apart from the rest of the pack, is the Agents and the different abilities they have. Agents can be split into four types, each Valorant Agent is different from each other and serves their purpose in the game.

New Valorant Agents COMING
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If you want to boost the defense and attack of your team or you want to rock a Duelist for supporting an entry-fragging, hyper-aggressive playstyle, all kinds of Agents are there for you.

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In the interview with Eurogamer, the developers gave a hint about other Agents.

While the meta of Agents has settled into a good position followed by Patch 1.02, now it seems like more Agents could be joining the game and add some extra flavor into the game mix in near future.

Characters from Valorant
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Joe Ziegler, Valorant Game Director, told the future design and abilities of upcoming Agents also he digs into how Riot prioritizes the specific works for some particular Agents. The framework of the starting eleven agents in the server was to cover the basic functions of tactical apace in some interesting and creative ways, while they are trying to add some more features and to challenge the notion of possible things in the space, according to Ziegler.

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Compared to other games like CSGO and Overwatch Ziegler told that some features from these games are also added in Valorant which are common like breaching, vision blocking, distracting, flushing, and many more abilities are added into the initial characters on Valorant.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

More interestingly Ziegler said the possible features that we can see in the upcoming agents and the plan of Riot how he wants to expand their horizon to keep the Valorant’s meta fresh. With the upcoming Agents, they are looking to widen a bit on that and challenge some new canton of tactical space and allow new creations, new gameplay will be added also. No specific abilities were not mentioned officially but it seems like Riot wanted to remold the FPS game Valorant and the Agent abilities will be a big factor of that.

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