New Valorant Agents and Modes to be added in Act II

Valorant players are now in the deep zone of the first battle pass and IGNITION Act 1, but now Riot gave a quick glimpse of what we can expect from the next sessions, which includes some additional game modes and new Agents.

New Valorant Agents

From the very beginning of the release, Anna Donlon has become the IRL face of Valorant, who is the executive producer of Valorant. On June 29 in a video, she has the players a lot of information on upcoming changes and additions to this FPS game, Valorant.

valorant reyna ignition act 1 episode 2
Image Courtesy – Riot Games

The next big content drop will come with the release of Act II. Three Acts are there which lasts for two months so al total the whole Act II will last for six months.

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So, according to calculation, we can see a total of six Acts in a year, which means six new characters will be added also, according to Donlon.

valorant episode1 act2
Image Courtesy – Viagamus Magazine

The Valorant team wants to six characters in a year. In a video clip, the first look of the new agent is revealed, this new agent has the same jacket and hairstyle as Crypto from Apex Legends.

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Valorant Twitter Update

Other than this, nothing is clear and it is hard to tell as of now. From the developer team, we have already heard that Act I will end on August 2, it means that Act II will come into picture soon, possibly just after few days.

Donlon also said that the developer team is working to accelerate the game in terms of development and additional new game modes for Valorant fans, but didn’t mention exactly what we can expect.

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She added that they are now sure about when they will be able to add the new modes, whether in Episode level or Act level, but she assured that before the starting of Episode II new one will be added for sure. Donlon also gives a lot of information about the other areas in the game to know more please go and watch the full video from Valorant’s official Twitter account.