New Sovereign Skin in Valorant

  • Patch 1.01 didn’t come with bug fixes and new gameplays, but also with some new skin lines.
  • The Sovereign skin gives cosmetic change for Marshal, Ghost, Stinger, and melee weapons.

After the official launch on June 2, tomorrow Riot launched a new patch. This is quite surprising for all the communities that after a short time from official launch new patch 1.01 is released. The developer teams decided to release a new patch with some changes for Spike Rush in gameplay and also bring some nerfs. Also, a performance boost is there.

Picture Courtesy – Dot Esports

Patch 1.01 came with some change in Sage’s ability. It reduces some aggression of Sage and more balance in her kit is added. The cast range is reduced for her barrier Orb, it will help to reduce her compulsive pushes in the time of taking care of sites.

Lots of changes are happened in Spike Rush for the gameplay of it and also added some new weapons for the players from now onwards in-game. These changes are not the ultimate thing that the patch brought. Also, a new skin line is added called ‘Sovereign’ which is a gold line on it and also shiny.

Weapons added:

Picture Courtesy – Reddit

For melee weapon, Guardian, Stinger, Ghost the Sovereign skin line have cosmetic verbal root. For League of Legends fan, it is quite similar to Garen’s ultimate ‘Demacian Justice’. It is a fantasy element for the theme and also the finishing work is really good and looks so rich and expensive.

Valorant Skin Showcase:

With the atomy effect, it looks so amazing. The skin has. white base and gold utterance on it. Also, the skin is ornamented with some blue gems. Players can change this base color of the skin and the gems. Skin variants of the Sovereign came with three color effects like black and silver or green and gold or purple, also unique colored gems are there for the decoration.

This is a must-have skin for the players as it offers many things like mystical sounds, gigantic Green ultimate falling from the sky, glowing reload animations, lots of things are there for the players. VFX variants are available and also the Finisher variant.

When the Prime collection in Valorant store session expires then only you can buy it. You have to wait for three days when it will come into rotation. Skins are an exclusive way to design your agents also it will add some extra fun and dignity for your matches.

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