New ranked system leaks of Ignition Act 2 in Valorant

At the start of Valorant’s second act, a more elaborate ranking system will be added, and now some new leaks are released about the working principle of this ranking system.

From the release of the competitive playlist of Valorant, desirous players are waiting eagerly for a more tangled system. In each region there is Radiant for the ultimate players, also three tiers are there for each rank from Iron to Immortal.

Act 2 in Valorant

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More tiers will be added into the game, according to the leaks. The developers of Riot Games already stated that changes are going on and the process is on the way and players can experience a new ranked system. On July 20 some suspicious things came out, all the new ranks are not focusing on the competitive system. According to ‘ValorLeaks’ a famous data miner, in each rank, more tiers will be added.

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Around August 2, Act 1: IGNITION will be ended. A major Patch update is also there and how the ranked system will work in the game.

According to the leaker, there will be level ranks from 1 to 5. For each rank, three levels will be added with Act 2. Players can rank up within the Radiant. This means that from each region best players will have to do something more to reach the highest rank.

 From Tier 1 to Tier 5, each rank will have its border. The design of Tier 1 is very basic, a triangle, where the last Tier design is very detailed. As they progress in competitive mode, the color of the rank will match with it. Now unique match arrows will be added according to the rank. Red arrows for Immortal, Golden arrows for Gold rank, and so on.

valorant ranks
Image courtesy: Twitter

According to the leaks, a rank reset will also be added with Act 2. The name of the new format will be Act Rank. This means that the ranks will be reset with updates. Although there is no official confirmation of these changes, things can be changed at any time. Keep your eyes on for the latest Act update on August 2.