Riot Games Launches New Overtime Format in Valorant

A new overtime format is implemented in the competitive mode of Valorant by Riot Games that includes a win-by-two rule which gives a chance to end the ranked competitive matches in a draw score.

New Overtime Format in Valorant

An amendment is made by the developers to the Patch Notes 1.03 update on July 7 to reconstruct the features of Ranked mode. After releasing the new patch Jared ‘darkhouse’ Berbach Product Manager clawed that Riot changed the working model of Ranked system.

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In this format also another thing is added which is both teams can switch their places if the current match needed extra rounds to compose the winner. In Patch update notes Riot said that the game will face a new feature that will let the system choose whether the game should continue or will end at the draw by automated votes.

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In this process, teams will attack alternate playing rounds and try to defense then until a team wins after 2 rounds. Every round will reset the ultimate ability of the Agent of the Four shy and also 5000 credits. If the tie-breaker is not enough to decide a winner then lobby will vote and based on the vote it will be decided that whether that game will end at the draw or will continue further.

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The first time this voting system will amplify in the current match, within 10 players at least six votes are needed to end a match in a draw. On the second vote, three-player votes will be needed, then on the third vote, and so on and so forth.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

The estimated time to complete a game in Valorant is 30-50 minutes. A safety net also will be added if the players are unable to yield the sequent attempts for tie-breaking. Players will achieve ranks, but will not lose ranks for a tie. It is not clear that if Riot will add these features to other modes like Unrated or LTMs.

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