A new glitch is here in Valorant which allows the players to shoot then throw the wall as they are tracking than with a shot in their hands.

After a few months of the beta period, Riot Games officially launched the game Valorant on June 2 for all the players in different regions who didn’t get the chance to play the game in closed beta period.

After the official launch, few issues arise like Sova’s Owl Drone problem and the new agent Reyna stuck inside other Agents present in the game. The new issue is more serious than others.

A Reddit user Mowfling showcased a video and he did uncover this problem. The problem looks like they throw out Cypher’s Spycam and then hit their teammates with a tracking arrow.

So you can wallbang through anywall if you shoot somebody’s hand… from r/VALORANT

The tracking players lied in the Garden spot, and others ran down to the bottom side of B Long and started throwing through a huge wall. Though this death was not instant, after two shots through the wall, the other player was taken apart.

Some people suggested that this problem arises with a specific wall. Though, Mowfling stated that it’s not a problem for a specific wall. They examined with other walls in a different location also nut the problem remains the same.

Many Redditors commented about the confusions they have also some of them told that the players those who are tracked, is cutting through the wall but shooting the hands and lied next to the wall.

For the previous problems, the developers rushed to fix those problems quickly but as of now, they haven’t commented anything on this issue. It is a question for everyone now that if they are aware of this issue on not. If they are how they will fix this glitch before being drastic for the matches.

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