New FFA mode is coming soon in Valorant

According to new leaks of Valorant, a Free-For-All game mode will be added to the Valorant, the FPS game of Riot Games in the near future.

Riot Games’ new competitive shooter game, Valorant comes into the picture on June 2 but has already charmed all the players from all over the world and different regions. CSGO is very limited and bounded in terms of game modes available in the game.

FFA Mode Coming soon in Valorant

Currently, in Valorant, there are two modes – Bomb and Spike Rush (Which is significantly faster). According to recent Valorant leaks, these will be added to the game soon.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

On July 9, u/Mang0Leaks posted a long leak in Reddit, which includes upcoming new agents, a Free-For-All mode, camouflages, animations, and many more in data-minded files. He said that maybe Riot is in the outline of the FFA model.

Image Courtesy – Reddit

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Based on these leaked .umap files is might happen that Riot is trying to test the FFA model on the Ascent map, so these maps also will be updated soon. But one thing normal old Ascent map and FFA Ascent map is way more different. Valorant also trying to change and make things perfect on maps like Ascent.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

There is no official confirmation of Free-For-All mode in Valorant, but according to the files, an updated Ascent map will be added with FFA mode. In the time of development, many changes will happen based on the bugs and player feedback and demand. If everything goes well, we can look for the FFA mode in Valorant in the coming future.

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