New BlastX, Drips, Asgard Valorant Skins LEAKED

Since the official release, Valorant players are filling their collection of weapon skins and now some images of new incredible weapon collections of BlastX collection, Drips collection, Asgard collection, Imperium collection, Toy collection, Ronin collection, Cyberpunk collection, Edge collection, Fallen collection, Magepunk collection, are started showing up at Valorant Famdom to give the players more to add their inventory.

BlastX Collection, Drips Collection, Asgard Collections and many more Valorant skins leaked

Since Valorant released data miners which have also stayed busy, and the first look of BlastX collections cams into the picture now, and more pictures of Drips collection, Asgard collection, Toy collection, Arcade collection, all of which are still unavailable, unfortunately. But it will available soon.

Image Courtesy – Dexerto

First, we should look upon the new exciting collections of BlastX set, which seems to be inspired by Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise of Disney.

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For Frenzy, Phantom, melee, and Spectre weapon we will be getting skins for this collection, but as of now only a detailed look of Phantom is available.

Image Courtesy – Dexerto

Other pictures of the Spectre and Frenzy have been turned up, but the resolution of these is too low. If we take an example with Phantom, we can get a blurry image of what the skins will finally look like with some imaginations.

Image Courtesy – Gfinityesports

In files, it is also found that BlastX line will also include a melee weapon skin, but unfortunately no blurry of half image of these is not there yet.

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Next, comes the Drips set and the Toy collection, but now much higher resolution pictures have been found fo the upcoming seta for most of the skins that will be added soon.

Image Courtesy – Gfinityesports

The Toy collection or the Arcade collections are like the old school type weapons i.e. Nintendo, it’s is not satisfying enough for the players. But Asgard collection and the Drip collection will surely satisfy the players, it was gilded, nice skin.

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Those players who came from Overwatch and miss the golden guns will be very happy for this addition. But there is no official announcement when these new collections will be added to the game, but Toy collection, Arcade collection and Drip collection, Asgard collection will release before BlastX collection in Valorant.