New Agent of Valorant Killjoy Is Leaked by Riot

All the players have been waiting for the addition of the new agent Killjoy in the FPS game of Riot, Valorant. Finally, on July 27 Riot Games has leaked this agent on the official website.

Early leaks by the data minors gave us a rough idea of how this agent will be going to perform and the voice lines, now this agent is finally there in the game.

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In the official website of Riot Games, there is a website named “Enter Killjoy”, all the abilities of killjoy are here which is described in the video. A temporary banner is there, no picture of the character is attached there.

Killjoy Abilities Valorant:

  • Ability 1 (C) – Alarmbot

The enemies who are in the range, this alarmbot hunts them down. The work of the alarmbot is not to damage just one time, but also it makes them affected temporarily and makes the players previous for double damage from all the remaining sources. To recall the played bot, you have to hold equip.

  • Ability 2 – Turret

Deployment of a turret fires the enemies those who are in the 180-degree cone of it. It is always helpful to plant some roots. Hold equip to repeal the played turret.

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  • Signature Ability – Nanoswarm

Grenade is thrown, but when it touches the surface to goes quiet. Then, to catch the enemies crying, just activate the Nanoswarm to repeal a damaging swarm.

  • Ultimate Ability – Lockdown

Your timing should be adjusted, but after it starts going it blocks all the enemies for 8 seconds in its radius. But the enemies can kill it.