Netcode problem in Valorant

128-tick rate server of Valorant is highly appreciated by the community, but still, there are some flaws in the netcode. Some of the flaws are unintentional, but with the batter of one setting, anyone can make the character falter across the map with zero impact in network performances.

The announcement of 128-tick rate servers took the game forward from the competitors. In the games like CS: GO there is the hit registration problem on 64-tick or less, which will be solved in Valorant.

Netcode exploit lets players deliberately stutter in Valorant

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In the time of the official release of the game, Riot has featured a ‘Network Buffering’ setting, but in general settings, tab players can add some network delay as their choice, if they are facing any internet connection problem.

network buffering
Image courtesy: Riot Games

The undiluted existence of this option came in the daylight. Youtuber Battle(non)sense, in a netcode analysis of the game, found how this option can actually make a difference in the game and it could be used to take an unfair advantage.

The interpolation settings of CS: GO add a network delay, but here the network buffering reduces the number of files uploaded by the players, it affected the opponent players as they caught off-guard.

Battle told that after changing the settings it causes the players faltering. Riot is yet to solve the problem.