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The LATAM and Brazil VALORANT scenes are considered to be a lot of people’s favorite to watch behind the major regions, and 2021 is definitely shaping up to be the year where their players shine. Riot Games revealed their VALORANT Champions Tour, a season-long competition tour set to take place throughout 2021. Now we have more information on what the studio has in store for LATAM and Brazil, thanks to VALORANT Zone.

The Latin American scene will have a total $81,000 prize pool. A total of three VALORANT Challengers tournaments will be played in LATAM in 2021, split into North and South as usual. Each one will have a prize pool of $9,000. Open qualifiers will determine the 8 Challengers participants for the three tournaments, each will have two groups of four teams.

VALORANT Champions Tour roadmap, © Riot Games
VALORANT Champions Tour roadmap, © Riot Games

The 8 Challengers winners, 4 from the North and 4 from the South, will qualify for the regional VALORANT Masters, with the winner of the third iteration going straight into it. As we all know, there will be one final chance for teams to make it through to the VALORANT Champions through the Last Chance qualifiers, and as it stands, Latin America’s Riot Games plans on having it in LAN.

The chosen place for the Last Chance final will be in an arena in Mexico City, Mexico. Not only that, the studio has plans to even host the first two editions of the Masters in the same studio. The third edition of the tournament however will include both LATAM and Brazilian teams together. All these plans for LAN versions of the tournaments will only be possible depending on if the COVID-19 situation is better at that time.

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