Menace and Jangler announce surprising benching from Noble | VALORANT NEWS

Despite their recent accomplishments in the past few tournaments, Noble has made the decision to bench Jadin “Menace” Wagner and Dwayne “Jangler” Kirkpatrick, as revealed by the players themselves.

This comes as a shock to many among the scene, as Noble is fresh off a 5th place finish at Challengers 2 – Open Qualifier. On their way to the impressive finishing spot, they took out notable teams such as Evil Geniuses & On The Way. After making it past the round of 16, they would fall to the eventual first place finishers Sentinels. Previously known as Phoenix1, these 5 players have stuck together despite the controversy surrounding the end of Phoenix1, so that makes the decision to bench these 2 even more shocking.

According to Assistant coach Austin “Apex” Copeland, the players were benched as the coaches felt the team was hitting a ceiling and wanted to try something unconventional. He reiterated that the players have not been released but will have a chance to come back stronger. Aiden “King” King also chimed in, saying the team wanted to experiment with roles and will be trialing players.

As they were just on the cusp of qualifying for Challengers 2, an event that could have led the team to Masters 2 that will be held in Iceland, it will be interesting to see which players they trial and eventually choose to round out this promising roster.

Rise now field

Zachary “zekken” Patrone
Aiden “King” King
Colin “Precision” O’Neill

Jadin “Menace” Wagner (Benched)
Dwaine “Jangler” Kirkpatrick (Benched)

Andrew “aRubyz” Seewer (Head coach)
Austin “Apex” Copeland (Assistant coach)