Masters Reykjavík: Version1 beats Crazy Racoons in two close maps | VALORANT NEWS

This win led Racoons to rally winning two more rounds before V1 called their timeout at 6-4 up. At this point Penny sat with 13 kills to four deaths while Zellsis was at 11-5, numbers noone on CR could match and numbers which somewhat stalled in the following rounds to an eventual 7-5 half.

While a lead, it was a fragile one as a defensive pistol round win by the Racoons eventually put them tied and with a much better economy showing we had a tight game on our hands, quite a surprise after the 1-6 start.

This tie was kept all the way to 10-10 at which point Version1 came extremely close to simply cleaning it up with three A-side pushes. While they won the first two to reach map point, nath kept Racoons in it for one more round with a 1v2 clutch only for Medusa to lose an almost identical clutch position the following round, ending Ascent 13-11 and taking the game to Icebox.

With this now being Version1’s pick up next, it seemed like this game would end in another 2-0 sweep which became even more likely as V1 went up 3-1 on their own offensive half. This lead came thanks in part to a particularly strong initial showing from Vanity and Penny once again who went 10-2 combined across the first four rounds before a painfully long tech pause was needed to break up the play.

When the teams resumed play 40 minutes later, Icebox continued just as it was beforehand with V1’s wins getting increasingly one-sided throughout the half all the way to 8-1 when CR finally added a second round to their tally. A double-Operator buy on round 11 fell flat for Racoons as they attempted to press their economic advantage before the half finally ended at 9-3 as Racoons used all three of their remaining ULTs to clean up in a 4v2 situation.

While Racoons did bring back a 1-6 deficit in map one, this was quite a bit more of an ask as they moved to their own attacks. Two starting round wins including a 1v2 from zepher gave them hope, however, Version1 can also clutch with Effys sneaking out a win of his own the following round also:

At this point Racoons were definitely coming back but V1 seemed somewhat inevitable. A flawless defense followed by a ninja defuse put them on series point as the Racoons hit double-digits. Japan’s hopes finally ended as Penny got an opening Operator double-kill on the A site which was quickly cleaned up in an almost flawless fashion.

With this, North America’s Version1 won their opening game 2-0 and the Crazy Racoons fell down to the loser’s bracket. Despite this Munchkin was a truly standout player with the highest ACS of the game while V1’s penny achieved the highest Rating at 1.28 going 45-33.

Version1 will now go on to face EMEA’s top seed of Team Liquid tomorrow at 17:30UTC in the first official NA vs EU matchup in Valorant history which will be followed directly afterwards by Fnatic vs Sentinels in two must-watch games.