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VALORANT’s biggest tournament yet, Masters – Reykjavik, and a much anticipated return to international in-person competition saw Fnatic defeat KRÜ Esports in its first match. Both squads were coming into the match with recent roster changes and there was much intrigue about how the teams from two stylistically different regions would match up. However, Fnatic were able to overwhelm KRU in a fairly one sided-affair which will see the European squad set up a match against North American giants Sentinels in the upper bracket, while the South Americans are relegated to the lower bracket.

Fnatic started off Haven by abandoning their methodical playstyle, instead by going for a couple of fast A-site hits that were promptly taken care of by KRU. The lack of a duelist on the team didn’t bother Juan Pablo “NagZet” Lopez’s Sage as he shut down the A push with a clean 4k through a Viper wall.

The Europeans flipped the switch, however, on the rifle rounds, and with a trademark tactical style that KRU couldn’t read or adapt to, took a strong hold of the half that ended 10-2. KRU took respite in winning the pistol and anti-eco on their attacking half, but when the rifles came out, Fnatic’s heavy mid presence choked out the South Americans. To pile on the misery, Fnatic got their round 12 thanks to a missed lockdown that Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev capitalized on for a 4k from under heaven, and they closed the map out the following round.

Icebox, Fnatics’s pick, saw a mirror matchup of agents as Fnatic started on attack. The Latin Americans took the pistol, which they dominated in general throughout the series, thanks to an intelligent double flank, and managed to win the following force buy. However, their rifle round demons from Haven came back to haunt them, as Fnatic restored parity with strong B hits, great counter-ult usage, and a stellar Domagoj  “Doma” Fancev 4k multi kill, ending the half 10-2.

History repeated itself in the final half of the match, with KRU winning the pistol, but they could not crack Fnatic’s solid A site defense, eventually falling 13-4 to an aggressive derke 4k play in the last round.

With this win, Fnatic now will face Sentinels tomorrow while KRÜ Esports are down in the lower bracket and will play the loser of YNG Sharks vs NUTURN