Map changes in Valorant in Patch 1.02

Patch 1.02 for Valorant is live now officially and came with a lot of changes in the four maps of Valorant – Split, Ascent, Bind, and Haven. The complete breakdown is here about the changes and the store that players have right now in-game.

In the tactical FPS game Riot has been working to poise the gunplay that is closely tagged to the many way’s players use the Agents’ Orb abilities to clean choke ways, corners, and so on.

But the team wants to make tight angles in the battlefields. They want a straightforward approach for players to hold reliably when defending while attacking, and also has implemented new things to help comfort the burden.



Image Courtesy – The Game Haus

Changes to the maps are not as significant as other changes, but two spots are patched up by Riot which is favouring the campers.

In front of Bathroom’s gate near the Orb now has blankets in the corner to prevent players from camping, Also the wall of Hookah’s teleporter is now turned into a curved wall that helps players to see the opponent team members.


Image Courtesy – RedBull

In many YouTube channels like ‘Click Heads,’ all the changes into the maps are highlighted which is one of the biggest updates for maps seen throughout.

For example, now you can see the objects in C-Link, Garage doors, and C-Long. These objects seem random and also noticeable but they can protect players from a perky kill from someone who is running in the corner.

In the A-side of the map there was a double near short which is now changed into smaller boxed which helps players to see who is on the other side, similarly from a few feet from there, a pipe has added in Sewers.


Image Courtesy – Vie Esports

This is the newest map added to the game. Near the Defender spawn, new stacked objects are there for a bit more challenge to move for rotators. In the Garden link now, a Whole column is added which protects people from dark and narrow and also to hide relatively.

At the side A near the Orb, two boxes are there to negates players from a close distance in front of the butcher shop.


Image Courtesy – Twitter

A huge metal bean is there near the spawn of Defender to stop players from camping to protect from a rotation or in a save round. After the previous patch, this is only change made in Split but it reconfigures the middle part of Split in terms of formation.

These changes are not significant but will bring some more challenges to the players for camping and also can take advantage of the perky angle.

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