Mamba Mode Gaming add payen and ScrewFace to their roster | VALORANT NEWS

Mamba Mode Gaming are boosting their lineup with the official signings of both Kyle “ScrewFace” Jensen and Nate “payen” Lopez. The two American VALORANT players are now permanent members of the North American’s organization roster.

ScrewFace has played as a trial member for the squad since September. He managed to get 4th in the GFUEL Energy Games, 2nd in the 30Bomb: Invitational Series #2 and the Allied Esports Strafe Series #2, 3rd in the Nerd Street Gamers – Monthly October, and most recently finished 17th-32nd in the First Strike North America – NSG Tournament – Open Qualifier. ScrewFace’s agent pool includes Jett, Phoenix, and Raze. He averages around 230 ACS, with 136.7 ADR and 0.81 KPR.

As for payen, he made the move over to Mamba Mode Gaming from Built By Gamers on September 11th, 2020. During his tenure with the latter, the American VALORANT player got 9th-12th in all of the T1 x NSG Showdown, the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational, and the FaZe Clan VALORANT Invitational. In addition to a 5th-6th finish in the 30Bomb: Summer Cup – 2020. payen has played exclusively Cypher across all the recorded 51 competitive matches. He averages around 172 ACS, with 112.1 ADR and 0.62 KPR.

payen transitioned into VALORANT coming from Paladins, playing for Toxicity, SK Gaming and Pittsburgh Knights throughout his career. He managed to win the 2019 NA PML Fall Split, while coming 2nd in the 2020 NA Paladins Pro Circuit Phase 1.

The squad currently has four main players, with Harom on trial during both the First Strike North America UMG Open Qualifier #1 and the First Strike North America UMG Open Qualifier #2, in which they finished 9th-16th twice. What does the future hold for the organization’s VALORANT team?

The current Mamba Mode Gaming VALORANT roster consists of:

Dajon “Chase” Lopez
Addison “zecK” Gorzeck
Kyle “ScrewFace” Jensen
Nate “payen” Lopez
“Harmon” (Trial)