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In a stunning move made during the middle of Masters 2, Luminosity Gaming have made a move to their roster, removing both Brenden “stellar” McGrath, and Brady “thief” Dever from their starting lineup. This will be the organization’s first move to the VALORANT roster in almost 6 months, after bringing in Kaleb “moose⁠” Jayne.

The move does come as bit of a shock, as Luminosity was arguably one of the top rated teams in the North American region. After finishing 3rd at Challengers 1 and 3rd at Challengers 3 that qualified them for Masters 1, where they finished in 6th place to secure 20 VCT points towards Champions later this year.

Known for his superb duelist play and deadshot aim, thief played solely Raze or Reyna except for a handful of Phoenix matches in recent months. In close to 4400 rounds, he amassed an ACS of 239 and a rating of 1.12 for Luminosity.

As for Stellar’s play style, he was typically the IGL for the team on the Omen, Breach, or more recently the Astra for Luminosity. Across almost 4500 rounds, he had an underwhelming 188 ACS and a .96 rating. As Masters 2 is currently going on, Luminosity, Thief and Stellar will both have plenty of time to find a replacement player and a new home to qualify for Masters 3 come September.

After this change, Luminosity Gaming is now:

Alex “aproto “Protopapas
Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond
Kaleb “moose” Jayne

Brenden “stellar” McGrath (benched)
Brady “thief” Dever (benched)