loWel believes they can take down G2 Esports again even if they improve | VALORANT NEWS

Naturally, calmer players make for better leaders, which enables them to keep their teammates in check during heated moments and guide them to comebacks or simply to close out victories when in the lead. loWel demonstrated his ability to keep Team Heretics’ players sticking to their plan throughout the tournament and trust each other for the call.

“Even if we lose, we need to keep our attitude up, you know, helping each other, communicating with each other for the next game. If you can win this map, perfect, but if we lose, it doesn’t matter. We need to keep improving our attitude during these games.”

“If I don’t call, my team is broken. I felt this pressure, but for me, it was perfect. I was playing completely calm. I was just playing my game, focusing on my game, I didn’t think about what the people would say if we lost. The only thing I cared about was my team, my teammates, my attitude.”

He continued to praise their performance against G2 Esports, admitting they were going into the match nervous and afraid of the team considering the large difference in tournament experience and mastering the basics. However, loWel is confident they can take them down again even if they continue to improve following their previous encounter.

“If we can beat them now, without those basics, imagine when we play more tournaments. G2 is gonna improve even more after this, and it’s gonna be really hard, but I think we can beat them again.”

What do you think of Team Heretics and their performance during the European Regional Finals? Will they carry this momentum going into 2021? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!