KRÜ Esports enter VALORANT with ex-Estral members | VALORANT NEWS

Latin American organization KRÜ Esports

KRÜ have signed Juan Pablo “NagZet” Lopez, Roberto  “akz” Videla

NagZ and coach Onur come from Estral Esports, the most successful roster in LATAM South. With Estral, they won the First Strike LATAM South Regional Final. Klaus and akz played on LBS

KRÜ seem to have put a decent roster together, and will be aiming as high as they can in the LATAM region. Perhaps, if things work out very well, we’ll see them make an appearance at a Masters event or even better later this year.


KRÜ Esports are:

Juan Pablo “NagZ” Lopez
Roberto “akz” Videla
Roberto “Mazino” Rivas
Leonardo “Leobas” Basauri
Nicolas “Klaus” Ferrari

Rodrigo “Onur” Dalmagro (Coach)
Martin “BeTony” Bourre (Coach)