According to Riot devs Killjoy is not Overpowered in Valorant

Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott, lead character designer of Valorant described the abilities of Killjoy in a detailed manner and how these abilities will work in the game.

Killjoy is the latest and twelfth Agent of Valorant, everyone is eagerly waiting to see how the abilities of Killjoy will work in near Future Earth with her signature abilities like Turret and Lockdown ultimate.

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According to Riot Killjoy is not Overpowered

On July 31, during the Q&A session with Morello, she confirmed that in the ranks of Sentinel Agents Killjoy will join. The abilities of Killjoy will crossover with the Agent Cypher.

Morello declaration

Lockdown Ultimate and Turret of Killjoy

A line of sight is there in this automated bot with a 180-degree cone in the direction it’s placed, with a delay of 0.75 seconds on firing. In terms of destroying the Turret, according to Morello, it can be “silver-peeked”. According to Scott if you are planning to remain undetected then another counter might be to shed a smoke.

The Ultimate of Killjoy, countering the Ultimate ability of Killjoy the device can be ruined during the ‘wind-up’ phase of 13 seconds when the common way of destruction is via the weapons.

Alarmbot and Nanoswarm abilities of Killjoy

According to Morello, these two are “stealth deployable”, very similar to the Trapwire of Cypher. The working principle of this is the same as Cypher’s trap, if you go close to it you can see it. They can interact with it by shooting it. So, this way you can stop the post-plant Nanoswarm.

The Alarmbot of killjoy is difficult to counter because it remains near unseen until gets activated. Enemies will be able to double damage once hit, so rowing around this will be centric when pushing a Reactor Site.

Morello also just said something minor about the future changes of the Agents, which includes the potential Cypher/Sage nerfs and long-awaited Breach buff.