Killjoy teased in Valorant Act 1 Battle Pass

Throughout Act 1 ‘IGNITION’ battle pass of Valorant, the newly added Agent Killjoy was teased outwardly with a Battle pass reward and no one has any clue about it, also there is no official announcement or news about this.

On July 29 the new Agent Killjoy was added to Valorant after a video of her abilities leaked one day before, Killjoy is the latest and 12th Agent of Riot‘s FPS game Valorant, but now the Valorant fans have found that another teaser was already there hidden in Act 1 Battle Pass and no one knows about it.

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Killjoy teased

There were 50 tiers of loot for the players to unlock grinding through the matches in the Battle Pass of Act 1 of Valorant Episode 1: ‘IGNITION’, but after the official release of Killjoy and her bots players noticed that one item in the past looks very similar.

This is called “Vertraulich Card”, which is a German of ‘Confidential’, we can clearly see the little turret robot of Killjoy on the card which is marked out with some purple lines on a yellow background.

vertraulich card

This is now a new addition, though the card is there in the game throughout the battle pass of Act 1 from the official release of the game Valorant on June 2.

This is not at all surprising that no one puts the clues altogether about Killjoy before the official release of her, though, as developers thought the Battle Pass takes at least 100 hours to complete, though at best some players are reporting that is very upbeat.

Less number of players can actually unlock the final tiers of the Act 1 battle pass, few players gave their attention to the mysterious card.

killjoy reveal valorant

Only a few days are left for the next pass for Act 2, as we all know that on August 4 this will came on life. So, if you can’t achieve so much in this pass, few days are still left grind through the matches and achieve as much as you can.