Kanga Esports expand into VALORANT, signing OverPalaStrike | VALORANT NEWS

Kanga Esports are a prominent organization based in the Oceanic region, where they have led a whole roster of squads since their inception in 2017, including teams in Rainbow Six: Siege, Smash Ultimate, and Tekken. Their most famous line-up was their Paladins roster, who won many regional titles, including their win at Hi-Rez Oceanic Championships 2017. Since splitting with the roster, they look to continue two of their longest lasting members into VALORANT.

The new roster consists of returning Kanga members, Daniel “Kronicx” Shou and Brodie “ausrhino” Ryan, where they are joined by Justin “C0MP0SED” Ryan, Peter “Psycho” Vu, and Mohess “M1ST” Sivakumaran, who all played under OverPalaStrike. During their time together, the squad qualified and placed 9-12th in the ORDER Oceanic Open. More recently, they qualified for Rise of Valour – Finals through the first Open Qualifier.

Kronicx was on the original Kanga Esports Paladins roster, where he and his squad would consistently reach playoffs in international tournaments. After one of the players wanting to leave the squad to pursue his work life, ausrhino was introduced to the lineup. After winning 2018 OCE PGS Phases 6, 7, and 8, they became the indisputable best roster in Oceania. The duo played together under Kanga until November of 2019, where, with the fall of the PPL, both returned home and ended their careers in Paladins. Kronicx and ausrhino kept playing together, transitioning into VALORANT. It is also worth noting that ausrhino played with Kanga’s Overwatch roster.

The trio of M1ST, Composed, and Psycho all played Counter-Strike before their time in VALORANT, where they all separately played in regular Oceanic events. All three moved to VALORANT at release, and have been playing in a variety of weekly cups, all meeting to form OverPalaStrike.

Bradley “Gum” Da Silva, Owner and COO of Kanga Esports, comments on the signing of VALORANT roster: “Our Valorant team features two familiar faces with the return of Ausrhino & Kronicx, combining upcoming skill and veteran experience like no other team in the region. We’re really looking forward to see how these boys progress as we work our way up to the international stage”.

Kanga Esports’ new roster consists of:

Daniel “Kronicx” Shou
Brodie “ausrhino” Ryan
Peter “Psycho” Vu
Justin “C0MP0SED” Ryan
Mohess “M1ST” Sivakumaran