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Jay “Sinatraa” Won has been officially banned by Riot for 6 months starting from March 10th 2021 until September 10th 2021. He will be available to compete again for the Last Chance Qualifier and Champions Tour Finals.

After VALORANT Esports started their internal investigation alongside the Competitive Operations team, the latter team was informed that the situation was referred to the law enforcements. In light of this the internal investigation has stopped. During the course of the investigation though, Sinatraa was found in violation of Rule 8.01 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy for failing to co-operate on the same investigation. According to Riot he has made false statements, not provided a full copy of the audio/video referenced in the original accusation as he publicly said he would and also misrepresented other facts.

Apart from serving the ban, Sinatraa will be required to complete professional conduct and professional conduct training before he returns to competitive VALORANT.

At this point in time there hasn’t been any official statement from Sentinels or Sinatraa himself.

You can read the full statement from Riot here