JasonR joins FaZe Clan as team captain for Valorant

FaZe Clan has announced their first player for competitive Valorant roster as Jason ‘JasonR’ Ruchelski and he is the leader of the team as team captain.

JasonR joins FaZe Clan

This esports team first announced their team member recruit of Valorant on twitter with the player himself discussion about the joining of the prestigious group.

FaZe thanked to all the organization members for this opportunity and he announced that he is the first entry in Valorant as team captain. After retiring from CS: GO in 2017, this 25-year-old player again came back to the esports world after duress of Optic Gaming.

jasonr joins faze clan
Image Courtesy – HLTV

According to the streamer, after a long time, he was excited about the opportunity to compete again in the esports world. He explained that he is so happy, hyped, excited, and also said that this is an incredible chance for him. From the FaZe community with co-founder Ricky Banks welcomed this player into the game with open arms. The newly announced captain also said that FaZe has a lot of things to do but he was not allowed to confess these plans. He said that some works are there in the organization. Without telling much about the future plans and works he said that when the organization gave him the opportunity to tell the audience then he will confess everything.

In past JasonR is known for Splyce and OpTic Gaming. In various tournaments, this Canadian player secured many second and third positions before the retirement. There is no official news for the future plan of FaZe in Valorant roster, but as the game is live and lots of tournaments are coming into the picture, we will definitely get some good news.  

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